Dark Devotion I: Tenebrae Divinae

These are the first two parts of the Dark Devotion series introducing what I call “post death pathworking,” in which the classic Greek/old world view of the afterlife is explored through meditation. During this age the concept of what happened after death was different than that of our modern western world; the dead went to a place and simply lived much as they did on earth with rewards and punishments reserved for the exceptionally good or evil respectively. The entirety of Dark Devotion I consists of six parts and lasts about 45 minutes, during which time we contemplate not only death or dying, but living with the acceptance of finality and thereby looking for our own essence and striving to achieve that in this time, regardless of what may follow. Future parts will be released in the coming weeks.

It’s also good Halloween music.

Look for performances on Twitch and several live shows in later 2022 and 2023.